What is StageBeetle?

StageBeetle was conceived and designed to do exactly one thing: To help shine the spotlight on some amazingly talented people that you may not know about and would have never heard about otherwise. Whether they're actors, musicians, dancers, magicians - anyone who gets up on a stage and performs; whether they perform full-time or as a hobby; whether they're trying to make it big or just looking for a few more "likes" on their social media pages or videos, StageBeetle wants to help them share their talents with the entire Internet-loving world.

The inspiration behind creating this site was simple enough.  StageBeetle's founder was at one point a full-time radio DJ, and at another point a part-time improv comedian.  And, he discovered that there were a LOT of talented musicians and comedians out there, playing to half-empty bars, theaters, or lounges simply because they hadn't caught any kind of big lucky break - that many of these performers were just as talented as anyone you might hear on the radio or see on TV, but no one really knows about... yet. 


The common thread among people who perform, regardless of their craft - especially those who are brave enough to share their original creations on a stage in front of complete strangers - is that they take their talents, performances, and passions seriously.  And, that's where StageBeetle comes in.  There are countless video sites out there that don't really care who uploads what and do virtually nothing to promote the people who appear in those videos. We want to share the performers' talents with you. We'll give you a bio about the performer if we can.  We'll direct you to other sites where you can find out more about him/her/them and find out about their upcoming shows. This site isn't about us - it's entirely about them.  


Check back often as we'll shift our spotlights to show off new talented performers, upcoming shows, and new features!  Shoot us a message if there's anyone you'd like to see featured or if you just have a comment you want to send along!  

Thanks for visiting!  

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