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Started in 2008 by two comedians, Roar Theatre's mission is to make San Diego the number one place for improv comedy by putting on shows that feature both short-form and long-form improv!  The current cast of Roar is made up of 9 talented individuals all from different backgrounds.  For more info and upcoming shows, go to!

"Elevated" is an event put on twice each month by Collective Purpose - a group of performing artists who mission is to elevate, "edutain," and enlighten others through their words and work!  They encourage creative self-expression through poetry and spoken word, aiming to challenge artists and change the community. Go to for more info and events!

Aerial Revolution is a unique combination of acrobats, aerialists, and performers that amaze and inspire audiences with their daring and beautiful performances! They also offer classes in such areas as cirque and dance.  For more info and class schedules, to go!

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San Diego Danceworks has been inspiring students to dance since 1990.  They perform at festivals and fairs in the San Diego area throughout the year, raising the community's appreciation and awareness of their fantastic productions!  For more info and classes, go to!